Organic Fair Trade Certified Light Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

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Organic Fair Trade Certified Light Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

Responses received on our July contest showed interest in both runners up and that each are worthy candidates, but a winner has been chosen.  For the middle of the summer it seems only fitting for us to explore the birthplace where specialty coffee began.  Lightly roasted Organic Fair Trade Certified Ethiopian Yirgacheffe single-origin beans have been chosen for our July upcoming roast scheduled for on or about July 15th.  ORDER NOW! 

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Sustaining Elements of Coffee


Organic Fair Trade Certified Light Ethiopian Yirgacheffe

There is an ancient legend of Kaldi, a sedentary 9th century goatherd whose goats disappeared one night.  He discovered them the next morning dancing near an Evergreen shrub with glistening red berries.  Kaldi tried some of the bush’s red berries and found himself dancing.   While walking, a monk from a local monastery happened to notice this energetic event and began to question if there could be something within the shrub causing this newly found energy.  No more did members fall asleep during prayers and word of the energy contained within these berries seemed to have spread beyond the Red Sea.  It turns out that Kaldi was in Ethiopia thereby designating the area to be the birthplace of coffee.  Botanical evidence confirms Coffea arabica originated in central Ethiopia.

Yirgacheffe coffees are very high quality and come from the Gedeo zone in south central Ethiopia.  The beans are valued for their deep, spice and wine or chocolate-like taste and floral aroma.  Some flavor notes found at times are lemon and citrus.

Sustaining Elements of Coffee’s Organic Fair Trade Certified offering is lightly roasted to welcome some of the more delicate flavor characteristics while retaining the soft, floral aroma.  The subtle fruity taste is accompanied by moderate acidity and a smooth body.

Every flavorful cup of coffee matters more than you think.  Your purchases of coffee could help farmers and farm workers get fair wages for their labor.  Fair Trade (FT) empowers small co-operative groups to rise above impoverished conditions by allowing them to decide how to best invest in their farms and communities.  The farmers learn the value of sustainable farming and of protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems. These small groups obtain business skills needed to compete in the global marketplace, thereby promoting the community to sustain itself.  FT can truly be an important “Sustaining Element of Coffee”.  Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label!

Roast – Light

Body – Between smooth to balanced

Acidity – Medium


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