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Thank you for visiting our unique website.  We are here due to your continuing support of the specialty coffee experience we have to offer you.

Sustaining Elements of Coffee is a small family run business operating out of beautiful northwest New Jersey.

Our passion for specialty coffee has roots in an intimate coffee club experiment that started in 2006.   This club coached members on simple ways to improve their past decisions regarding coffee and “up their game” to novice gourmet status.

Much came out of that experiment.  The club members’ past Robusta bean drinking habits transformed into a growing desire for a specialty coffee experience as each became more informed gourmet drinkers and more appreciative of the origins of the monthly changing single-origin coffee beans.  These members began to connect to newly found flavors and aromas not noticed previously.  Even non coffee drinkers welcomed the aromas flowing through the air while whole bean grinding went on each morning.

As that coffee club grew in size and it handled larger amounts of coffee, we needed to find a way to keep the chosen beans of the month FRESH since we would be getting new beans the following month.   Surplus monthly coffee beans were sold off to other folks and word spread.  Response from these folks was amazing.  All had fun reading briefs on the origins of the beans and found the coffee to always be FRESH and full of flavor.  They kept coming back to purchase more of the next available surplus selection of the month from another region of the world.

A vision came about in 2012 to keep the passion flowing, open our coffee selections to others and immerse into those ELEMENTS THAT MAKE AN ENJOYABLE CUP OF COFFEE.  To accomplish our vision successfully, we realized the importance of staying grounded on a solid foundation with focused goals and in living by its mission.


Our mission is to focus on FRESHNESS OF WHOLE COFFEE BEANS and not on the quantity of selections offered.  We promote those coffee beans which were sustainably harvested and designated Fair Trade Certified, Direct Trade sourced, Rainforest Alliance, or in some other noteworthy way.  All selected coffee beans will ONLY BE ROASTED IN SMALL OR MICRO BATCH SIZES.  We will provide quality heat sealed packaging allowing the freshly roasted beans to release CO² yet keep out O².  We will always provide packaging clearly listing the coffee beans’ Country of Origin, Net Weight, and date the beans were roasted.

Our goal includes assisting niche coffee drinkers not yet familiar with many of the facets of specialty coffee (but have an interest in learning some basics to gain a better overall coffee enjoyment experience).  Each customer should realize by simply buying from us they are already contributing to the community of people that labored in producing the coffee as well as to the environment where the beans had been nurtured by the elements.

Through our Facebook page, Blogs and our Frequently Asked Questions section, a variety of specialty coffee topics will be explored.  Together we will continue to explore topics in “sips” (each in about the time to brew and enjoy your coffee).

Please support your local specialty coffee roasters wherever you live or travel to just as we do.  Reach out to us before traveling and we can provide you information on specialty coffee shops where your travels take you.

Most importantly, to fulfill your unique home café experience, TRAVEL THROUGH FLAVOR by ordering OUR specialty coffees from around the world and ENJOY THE SUSTAINING ELEMENTS OF COFFEE!




Sustaining Elements LLC



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  1. Bowman Yager
    Bowman Yager11-19-2012

    Looking good LP.

    Good luck!!

    I’ll look forward to your coffees going live!

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