Brewing Method-Aeropress

Travel Through Flavor

Materials Needed

Aeropress Brewing Device (3 parts)Aeropress-min

Aeropress Paper Filter

Coffee grinder

Whole Bean Coffee & Filtered Water



Scale or Aeropress supplied scoop

Aeropress supplied stirrer

Getting Started

Place one Aeropress paper filter into base. Measure out 2 cups of filtered water. Measure out 1oz (2 level Aeropress scoops) of whole bean coffee. Grind the coffee beans to a fine grind size (approximately setting 6 on the Baratza).

Brewing Process

Heat water to 185°F. Place freshly ground beans into the Aeropress. Put hot water into Aeropress up to circular number 2 level and stir for 10 seconds. Next begin to VERY SLOWLY plunge down. Wait for entire coffee to drip out. You have made a double shot espresso. Can dilute the brewed coffee by adding a bit more hot water to your cup to make an Americano.

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