Element Extra! Dark Peru Roasted 4-29-2013

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Element Extra! Dark Peru Roasted 4-29-2013

Organic Fair Trade Certified Dark Peru has been chosen as the Selected Roast for May 2013!  Roast date was 4/29/2013.  Order yours NOW. 


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Organic Fair Trade Certified Dark Peru

The earliest evidence of human presence in Peruvian territory have been dated to approximately 9,000 years BCE.   The oldest known complex society in Peru, the Norte Chico civilization, flourished along the coast of the Pacific Ocean between 3,000 and 1,800 BCE.   These early developments were followed by archaeological cultures such as Cupisnique, Chavin, Paracas, Mochica, Nazca, Wari, and Chimú. In the 15th century, the Incas emerged as a powerful state which, in the span of a century, formed the largest empire in pre-Columbian America.    Andean societies were based on agriculture, using techniques such as irrigation and terracing.   This sip of information was taken directly from Wikipedia.

Peru naturally has the high altitudes and partial shade desired by Coffee Arabica.  Some of the finest coffees from Peru are noted for their subtle excellence.  Gourmet drinkers have graded them as light and lifting with undertones of vanilla and nut.  The co-operatives of small farmers in northern Peru have a reputation for excellent quality.  Recently, Peru has become the world’s primary source of high-quality organic coffee.

Sustaining Elements of Coffee’s Organic Fair Trade Certified Peruvian coffee is moderately acidic with a soft body and flavor; a true hallmark of an excellent after dinner evening brew.  It has a subtle nutty flavor quality to it.

Every flavorful cup of coffee matters more than you think.  Your purchases of coffee could help farmers and farm workers get fair wages for their labor.  Fair Trade (FT) empowers small co-operative groups to rise above impoverished conditions by allowing them to decide how to best invest in their farms and communities.  The farmers learn the value of sustainable farming and of protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems. These small groups obtain business skills needed to compete in the global marketplace, thereby promoting the community to sustain itself.  FT can truly be an important “Sustaining Element of Coffee”.  Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label!

Roast – French to Italian

Body – Smooth to Balanced

Acidity – Medium

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