Element Extra! Organic FTC Costa Rican Tarrazu Roasted 1-2-2013

Element Extra! Organic FTC Costa Rican Tarrazu Roasted 1-2-2013

Organic Fair Trade Costa Rican Tarrazu chosen as the Selected Roast for January 2013!  Roast date will be on or about 1/2/2013.  Taking orders NOW.  This would be a unique gift to bring to & share with family and friends.


 Organic Fair Trade Costa Rican Tarrazu

Reading from several sources on the subject of specialty coffees, I find a general consensus among the coffee “experts” of the world that many areas of Costa Rica produce the finest coffees of all noting three C’s – “character”, “consistency”, and “completeness”   There are several reasons for this.  The region is blessed with volcanic soil and ideal drainage.  The country’s coffee bean producers have a reputation for careful and expensive “wet” processing of selected beans.  Costa Rican coffees tend to be more acidic than some, with chocolaty flavor notes and fruity undertones. These Organic Fair Trade Certified beans are grown in Tarrazu, a Canton in the province of San Jose, well-known for its fine “bright” coffees.


Roast – Light

Body – Balanced

Acidity – Medium


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  1. Frank S
    Frank S06-18-2014

    I brewed your limited Micro Batch roasted Costa Rican Tarrazu using my auto drip coffee maker and it produced a lovely smooth cup which was very drinkable. In addition I used my espresso machine to make an excellent cappuccino. It paired very well with a small amount of caramel sauce. This coffee is roasted perfectly for my tastes. A versatile coffee that I will enjoy until the last bean.

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