Upcoming July Roast Contest

Travel Through Flavor

Upcoming July Roast Contest

Dated 6-29-2013

Here’s a simple contest for you.

We Travel Through Flavor together.   I might have the role of making the final decision on which country of origin to choose for the July roast, but before making that decision, I am reaching out to you to see if there might be a consensus amongst the members on the next region of choice to explore.

Here are the 2 finalist runners up considered for the next upcoming roast in July 2013:

–       Ethiopian (where Arabica all began)


–       Guatemalan (Central American shade grown)

The person that comes up with a brief story or interesting sip of information tied into their choice will be sure to get a special gift with their next order.

Please respond by July 6th!! 

Thanks to our loyal customers, our Dark Sumatra Gayoland coffee is SOLD OUT!   Please look to purchase our FTC Dark Peru before it is gone.

Thank you for your choice to be a Sustaining Elements of Coffee customer and in helping the Fair Trade movement.




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  1. smjeska

    I love your coffee! My vote is for Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.

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