Element Extra! Organic FTC Dark Sumatra Roasted 2-6-2013

Element Extra! Organic FTC Dark Sumatra Roasted 2-6-2013

Chocolates, flowers, dinner?  What are you thinking about getting your significant other for Valentine’s Day this year?

Don’t forget the elements of passion and romance for this holiday.

Do something out of the ordinary this year with that special person.  Take some time to enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted coffee from Sumatra.  What a wonderful time to share your experiences as you Travel Through Flavor!



Sustaining Elements of Coffee


  Element Extra!!    Read All About It!!

Organic Fair Trade Certified Dark Sumatra Gayoland has been chosen as the Selected Roast for February 2013!  Roast date was 2/6/2013.  Taking orders NOW so you can have it on hand by Valentine’s Day.  This would be a unique gift to share with a significant other on that day and for special days to come.



 Organic Fair Trade Certified Dark Sumatra Gayoland

Sumatra has a rich history.  Marco Polo was the first European to visit there briefly in 1292.  Coffees from there offer romance in a cup.  They have dynamic complexity but also smoothness; they also provide richness without being heavy.  They accomplish this without a high level of acidity.  The country is known for having many small-holder producers and a unique wet hulling process technique.

Gayo Mountain (Gayoland) region coffee is shade grown on the hillsides surrounding the town of Takegon and Lake Tawar, at the northern tip of Sumatra in the region of Aceh.  The altitude in this region averages between 3,640 and 4,270 feet above sea level.   The coffee in this region is described as higher toned and lighter bodied than several other regions of Sumatra.  Coffees from Gayoland are semi-washed in the tradition of Sumatra. The fruit is removed from the bean while still fresh.  Collectors and processors hull the coffee beans in a semi-wet state which gives the beans a distinctive bluish-green color resembling small pieces of jade.  Their clean aromas are reminiscent of the shade-covered jungles they came from.   This process reduces acidity and increases body, resulting in the classic Indonesian cup profile.

Sustaining Elements of Coffee’s Organic Fair Trade Certified coffee beans have been chosen to be brought to the French Roast level. The French Roast enhances the inherent earthy and chocolatey undertones, while maintaining its famously low acidity and richness.

Every flavorful cup of coffee matters more than you think.  Your purchases of coffee could help farmers and farm workers get fair wages for their labor.  Fair Trade (FT) empowers small co-operative groups to rise above impoverished conditions by allowing them to decide how to best invest in their farms and communities.  The farmers learn the value of sustainable farming and of protecting the environment and fragile ecosystems. These small groups obtain business skills needed to compete in the global marketplace, thereby promoting the community to sustain itself.  FT can truly be an important “Sustaining Element of Coffee”.  Look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label!


Roast – French to Italian


Body – Heavy


Acidity – Low to Medium


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